RAC - ACS Group Management and Work Organization

ACS - Group Management and Work Organization

For people with experience as:

  • Supervisor
  • Team leader
  • Coordinator

Working in sectors such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Maintenance
  • Customer service

Recognition of Acquired Competencies

RAC is a process that enables you to obtain official recognition of the competencies you have acquired through your work and life experiences, in relation to a program of study.

By having your skills recognized with a view to obtaining a recognized college diploma, you increase your employability and your chances of advancement.

An accessible approach

Information session

The information session for this program is prerecorded so you can watch it at your convenience.

The eight competencies of the program refer to knowledge and skills related to production management, organization, direction and control, as well as staff management.

  • Examine the work function
  • Examine the organization and environment of a company
  • Apply basic principles in industrial psychology
  • Cooperate to maintain a safe working environment in accordance with existing occupational health and safety laws and regulations
  • Apply a work organization technique
  • Use working group communication and facilitation techniques
  • Solve technical, organizational and human problems related to the field of production
  • Supervise a production team

Relevant experience

You have experience related to the competencies of the targeted program of study. This experience may have been acquired through employment, volunteer work or personal situations. This experience is of significant duration and has enabled you to develop several competencies related to the program of study.

Documents required once admitted to the process

(for people born in Quebec, in Canada outside Quebec and outside Canada)

  • Recent facial photo in color
  • Online payment by Omnivox or by your bank upon receipt of invoice. Payment instructions will be sent to you by e-mail.

A legible photocopy of the following documents:

Original documents may be requested at any time during the process.

Any document written in a language other than French or English must be translated by a certified translator (with the exception of a translated Spanish birth certificate, which will be required if you have never studied in Quebec).

You must submit a copy of the document in the original language, along with a translation.

  • Birth certificate showing parents' names (baptismal certificates are not accepted)
  • Proof of relevant employment (current and previous)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Certificates of non-credit training (if applicable)
  • Valid first-aid card, if required, depending on program

For people born in Quebec and/or educated in QuebecFor people born in a Canadian province other than Quebec

For studies outside Quebec

  • Official high school transcripts (ministère de l'Éducation du Québec)
  • Official college and university transcripts
    (if applicable)
  • Proof of Quebec residency (e.g. valid health insurance card)
  • Official high school and post-secondary transcripts
    in the province

Proof of Quebec residency:

  • Quebec selection certificate (CSQ prioritized at RAMQ)
  • or IMM 1000 or IMM-5292 or IMM-5688 form (with CSQ number)
  • valid health insurance card (RAMQ): resident in Quebec for 1 year and not a full-time student

Proof of immigration status (photocopy both sides):

  • Canadian citizenship card
  • or permanent resident card
  • or IMM1000 or IMM-5292 or IMM-5688
MIFI comparative evaluation, if available

Official high school transcripts from province or country of
or country of origin

$100 to open a file + maximum of $320 ($40/competence evaluated in RAC)

As of fall 2023, as defined by the regulations of the Ministère de la Langue française, to obtain an ACS, candidates must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of French, by means of a standardized test, if they are taught in English.

For those interested in enrolling in a program offered in English, certain situations may attest that they meet the French language knowledge requirements (e.g., having studied in French, holding a diploma, etc.). If you hold a Certificate of Eligibility to receive instruction in English (CEO), acquired at primary or secondary level in the Quebec school system, you do not need to meet the French language requirements.


Under the Canada-Quebec agreement for Minority language education, the RAC Office offers four programs in English.

Financial assistance

Financial assistance can be provided by the Gouvernement du Quebec. You must contact an agent from Services Québec to find out the eligibility criteria.

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This program is also offered in French.

Other programs offered in English