ACS Human Resource Supervision

ACS - Human Resource Supervision

College program in Northern Quebec

The graduate of the present ACS could apply management skills to supervise and train work-teams in Inuit and aboriginal organizations. Through a sound understanding of the students’ role of human resource supervision, candidates will use formal work-organization aids that will allow them to contribute to the attainment of the objectives of the organization that employs them, while respecting their personal and professional limits. 

The candidates will be able to resolve technical problems linked to the organization of the workplace and define development objectives based on a sound understanding of the strengths and limitations of the individuals working within the organization. 

By assuming responsibility for mentoring activities, the graduate of the AEC in Human Resource Supervision will foster the professional development of individuals and work teams through a role of personnel supervision and training. 

In an integration project, which constitutes the final stage of the AEC program, they will demonstrate their ability to supervise their workplace by privileging a quality approach.


  • Analyse the work function relating to human resource management
  • Deal with human behaviour within an organization
  • Manage professional activities
  • Resolve technical problems
  • Train employees
  • Supervise personnel
  • Supervise client services and improve service quality

For workers who want to work as coordinator and improve:

  • Mentoring skills
  • Learn to plan and give a training session
  • Develop management abilities to supervise teamwork
  • Improve quality of services offered by organizations in Nunavik

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