Our team

Our Team

Who will guide you through this process?

You will be supported by a dedicated team of people who are focused on responding to your needs and questions throughout the whole process, a team that will be there to ensure that you have all the information and appropriate settings to be evaluated on yours skills and experience in a respectful manner.

Michele Laplante RAC for Indigenous Peoples

Michèle Laplante

Michèle will be your initial contact person at the RAC office. She will be there to welcome you and discuss your choice of program. She will then direct you to the contact person for your chosen program. She is also responsible for the Community Worker for Indigenous Candidates program (both in English and French).

Michèle's career path prior to being a pedagogical advisor at the RAC Office has included social work and teaching in social work at the college level. Throughout her career, Michèle has maintained a focus on Indigenous cultures and realities. She has held several positions working with Indigenous students, notably as a facilitator, teacher and internship coordinator, in addition to having managed several projects in collaboration with Indigenous organizations in the Greater Montreal area.

Program Evaluators RAC for Indigenous Peoples

Program Evaluators

The Program Evaluators are professionals in the field of the program you have chosen. They are there to observe your skills in action! They will guide you through any adjustments you may need in your assignments and for your one-on-one interviews.