20 years of international expertise

Marie-Victorin abroad

20 years of international expertise

Since its creation, Cegep Marie-Victorin's Intercultural and International Centre (IIEC) has been resolutely committed to numerous international projects and partnerships designed to contribute to the internationalization of our institution.

In collaboration with the International Development Office, its actions are aimed at promoting inbound and outbound student mobility, showcasing the excellence of the programs abroad through an off-site training offer, and enabling international students to come and carry out their study projects in Montreal.

Off-site programs

Combining a faculty eager to offer unique learning experiences to the partners, and a team of professionals with a passion for international business, the Cegep Marie-Victorin's Intercultural and International Centre continues to develop and revise its programs and services with a view to new partnerships in Asia and North Africa.

Jinan Vocational College

Jinan Vocational College, Shandong province, People's Republic of China

This partnership was established almost 10 years ago. The first half of the training is provided by the local institution, while the teaching staff travels to teach some of the technical courses of the ACS Educational Practice in Early Childhood and language courses in the 2nd year. This collaboration has resulted in the graduation of over 600 students to date, and is recognized as an exemplary model of international partnership in the college network.

Kaifeng University

Kaifeng University, Henan Province, People's Republic of China

The IIEC signed its first agreement with a Chinese post-secondary institution in 2005. The following year, the Centre deployed its first teachers to teach some of the partner's courses. The IIEC quickly expanded its offering, creating two new English-language programs tailored to the partner's needs: Accounting and Management in English as a Second Language and International Business. The Centre contributed to the graduation of 6 cohorts of students until the end of the agreement in 2014.

Ho Chi Minh University

Ho Chi Minh University (Hutech), Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Located in the heart of old Saigon, Hutech hosted the IIEC Accounting and Management in English as a Second Language program from 2010 to 2014.

International programs in Montreal

Cegep Marie-Victorin's Intercultural and International Centre has developed specific training niches for students from a wide range of countries. The richness of this diversity on a daily basis has enabled us to develop a service offering that recognizes the challenges of a study-abroad project and a migratory journey within our administrative team and faculty.

Programs for the Chinese community

Programs for the Chinese community

Building on its expertise in developing English-language programs for Asian partners, the Centre also offers them at our Montreal campus. For many years, we have offered two college programs (DEC) in English: Accounting and Mangement and Computer Science, attracting mainly students of Chinese origin from elsewhere or already established in Montreal.

Programs for English-speaking international students

Since 2019, the IIEC welcome nearly 250 international students, mainly from India, but also from Iran and various Latin American countries, to one of its many English-language programs in technology, management and childhood education.

New programs for French-speaking international students

Starting in 2024, the IIEC will be offering new programs for students from French-speaking countries. Programs in information technology will be offered in its new computer labs.

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