Questions and answers

Questions & Answers

Why would we need recognition from non-Indigenous sources to do the work that we do in our communities?

The RAC process is not to replace community recognition processes. Rather it is a way to open the doors to professional opportunities within or beyond your community (professional mobility) and better financial remuneration for the work that you already do.

I developed a youth program. Is that considered as experience?

All your experiences count if they are related to the competencies of a recognized program of study. Developing a youth program would definitely fit within the competencies of the Indigenous Community Worker Program.

I worked for my parent's business for 5 years, does that count?

Work within the family business counts as well. In this case it could be considered for Indigenous Retail Manager for Indigenous Candidates Program.

How much experience do I need in order to be accepted into a RAC program?

It varies, but usually a total of 2 years of prior experience related to the competencies of the RAC program you chose would be considered enough.

What is the cost of completing a RAC process?

The admission and registration fees add up to 100$ and the Recognition of Acquired of Competencies fees are 40$ per competency up to a maximum of 500$.

I have a college diploma from an institution in Ontario that I got 25 years ago. Will it be taken into consideration?

All of your previous learning experiences count. It does not matter when, where or how your previous learning experiences took place, as long as they are related to the program you are applying to. This means the competencies you developed in a previous program would have to be connected to the current RAC program. For example, if the RAC program you are applying to includes language competencies and a previous diploma covered that competency, then you may not have to demonstrate that competency. You may then have one less evaluation to complete.

Can I work while completing a RAC program?

Yes. The RAC programs target adults who have work experience. Most adults completing a RAC program have family and/or professional lives and therefore need flexibility. Your RAC counselors and evaluators usually offer very flexible time slots (day or evening) to plan one-on-one meetings that will allow you to respect your professional and family responsibilities. Plus many assignments are completed from home so it makes it easier to adapt to your work schedule.

How often will I have to go to Cégep Marie-Victorin?

All programs can be completed entirely remotely with the exception of the Early Childhood Education for Indigenous Candidates program which is offered in collaboration with Vanier College. If you wish or prefer to complete some steps in person, you will also be able to do so once the COVID-19 situation has resolved. For more information on Early Childhood Education for Indigenous Candidates program, please contact Lara Read at

How long does it take to complete an AEC RAC program?

Again, it varies greatly depending on the candidate’s availability. Remember this is an individual process that offers flexibility to adults who may have a family and/or professional obligations. If you are completing the process while working full time, it may take you up to two years, where if you have more free time it could be completed as quickly as within a few months. It really depends on your rhythm and your availability.

Is there an age requirement to register for a RAC program?

RAC programs are accessible to all adults aged 18 years and over as long as they have the required experience for the program they are applying to.