Educational practice in Early Childhood China

ACS - Educational Practice in Early Childhood

Program offered in China

The Attestation of College Studies in Early Childhood (outside Quebec) was developed specifically for Chinese students.


  • Schedule: 4 semesters | 585 hours program including 135 hours of internship | 19.29 credits
  • Location: Jinan, China

What sets us apart

In keeping with the general goals of technical education, the program-specific component of the Educational Practice in Early Childhood program is designed to:

  • Promote the integration of the graduate into professional life through the acquisition of competencies and skills in demand on the labour market
  • Foster students’ personal growth and encourage their ongoing professional development

A dynamic Team of Dedicated Teachers and Professionals: Let our experienced team help you to gain the knowledge and technical skills you need to become part of the working world. Our academic staff is continuously updating the program content in order to keep up to date with daycare needs and the latest development in the Early Childhood Education field.

Internship in your Field of Study: As part of the program, you will have the opportunity to gain experience through an internship. The internship is overseen by the department of Early Childhood Education in your institution, but the tools and preparation material is provided by the Marie-Victorin faculty.

International Education without Leaving your Country: Cegep Marie-Victorin sends its expert teachers to your institution for a minimum of 4 weeks at a time to teach the 4 English as a Second Language courses and the program specific courses:

  • The Fundamentals of Educational Practice
  • Observation of the Child from 0 to 7 Years
  • Educational Practice with Children to 0 to 2 Years
  • Educational Practice with Children to 3 to 7 Years
  • Socio-Affective Intervention
  • Experimenting the Process of Educational Practice

In order to make explicit the links between each course and prepare students for the experimentation course, the final evaluations of each course will include at least one component on the development of a relevant tool. All these tools will be combined in a global portfolio that will be incorporated to the internship guide. The tools to be used in the internship, as is or after adaptation, will ensure the seamless integration of Quebec's expertise in the practice of graduates. This portfolio represents a special toolkit for students preparing to practice in a local kindergarten and will include the results of all their work: fast reference booklet, observation checklist, tools such as a diaper changes box, sheets of standard intervention strategies, activity sheets, assessment tools, self-assessment tools, etc.

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